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The cost of doing business keeps going up, so The Daily News will be increasing subscription rates about 60 cents per week starting in February.

Last November the state voted to approve Initiative 1433, which raised the minimum wage from $9.47 per hour to $13.50 per hour in steps. The initiative passed with 57 percent of Washington voters supporting raising the minimum wage. The initiative narrowly failed in Cowlitz county with 51 percent of voters voting against.

Passing laws such as this affect businesses, in this case TDN. TDN warehouse and packaging jobs give people with little or no work experience the chance to get a job, gain skills and get promoted to higher paying roles. Initiative 1433 went into effect January 1st, with the minimum wage taking an interim increase to $11.00 per hour before moving up to $13.50 per hour by the year 2020. In our business, we cannot reduce the number of warehouse or packaging employees because of safety concerns, so there’s no choice but to incur more cost.

The other cost which continues to increase dramatically is medical. We believe all citizens should have access to medical care, but the country needs to somehow figure out how control the costs better. Five years ago insurance benefits covered more services and cost far less.

As a company we have cut hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenses to keep subscription rates as low as possible. And we’re proud to deliver one of the best newspapers in the state to your doorstep for about $1 per day.

Some of you reading this will be frustrated and want to cancel your subscription, but we want you to keep getting the paper, so here’s some ways to mitigate the rate increase.

About half of TDN subscribers utilize what we call “EZ pay.” EZ pay is a system where TDN charges your monthly subscription cost to a credit card or bank account. This type of subscription costs less to administer and we pass that savings back to the subscriber. If you are not on EZ pay call the customer care center and ask to be put on “automatic billing,” the phone number is 1-877-767-5187. Just switching to EZ pay will reduce or potentially eliminate the rate increase.

We are proud to deliver a newspaper and provide multiple digital platforms for people to read. The Daily News remains one of the few products in life that pays for itself. By just using the Safeway or other coupons delivered each week the cost of your subscription can be paid for. If you haven’t been using the offers to offset the cost of the paper we hope you reconsider. Everyone buys groceries and TDN delivers ads from Safeway, Fred Meyer, Walmart, Grocery Outlet, Dollar Tree, Target, Cascade Select in Castle Rock, Walgreens and Rite Aid.

TDN also carries ads from numerous other businesses to save you money on both goods and services. We hope you patronize all TDN advertisers and save money.

As part of this rate increase we also wanted to give you more. Over the past year we’ve added the monthly puzzle tab, called Brain Busters, which readers have told us they just love. We continue to add more diverse content such as “Better,” which we’ve received great reviews on. The TV Book was reestablished and more news and sports pages were added, too. But we want to keep adding value.

To add more value, we are offering all subscribers free classified merchandise ads, along with discounts on announcement and obituary ads. Starting February 1, 2017, all TDN subscribers will be eligible to receive one free classified merchandise ad per month. This free monthly offering will allow you to get rid of stuff you don’t want and make an extra buck or two.

Every subscriber will be able to buy one announcement ad, for a birth, wedding, engagement or anniversary at a 50 percent discount.

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The other offering all subscribers can take advantage of is 10 percent off obituary ads.

Celebrating the life of loved ones is important both to family members and the community. Giving subscribers a discount on obits encourages communicating with the greater community about loved ones lost.

The free and discounted ad offerings add up to hundreds of dollars of savings each year – and we hope you do take advantage of the offers. Stop by the TDN lobby to pick up the details, including restrictions, and get your free or discounted ads.

We appreciate all of our subscribers and have done everything possible to minimize the impact of this rate increase.

Thank you for reading The Daily News.

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