Canadian boy's skate ramp to be returned after classified ad scheme –

CALGARY, Alberta, March 29 (UPI) — A Canadian boy is set to have his skate ramp returned after it was inadvertently stolen due to a fake listing on classified site Kijiji.

The listing, posted on Friday, offered a homemade skate ramp built by 10-year-old Jett Patola’s father to be picked up for free.

“Great skateboard ramp, will require a truck to move, free, first one to show up gets it,” the Kijiji ad read, according to the Calgary Herald.

The boy’s mother Cindy Patola said her son was heartbroken, but his spirits soon improved after several members of the community reached out to help find or replace his ramp.

“This morning I was outside with my son and a Jeep pulled up and it was a very kind young man with a ramp that he had built in shop class and offered it to my son,” Patola said.

She was contacted by another mother soon afterward who said she picked up the ramp, believing the ad was real.

“She sent me an email and she feels very badly about the situation of course,” Patola said. “Her son was actually the one who really wanted to return the ramp to my son.”

Patola said her son was grateful for the opportunity to have his original ramp returned, but did not want the other boy to be without a ramp for himself because of the Kijiji scheme.

“We’ve actually offered for them to keep the ramp. Or my son Jett would like to give this boy the ramp that was given to us,” Patola told the CBC. “He wants to have something for the boy to use as well, and not be out of something. So we’re kind of just organizing what to do about that. And in the end they’ll both have skate ramps and be happy.”

Calgary police are searching for the person who posted the false Kijiji ad and said they could face charges of mischief.

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